Anonymous: Care to share your opinions on the whole Zouis smoking thing?


Sure, I suppose. Okay so if you don’t know (which I’m sure everyone does) a video was leaked today of Zayn and Louis smoking weed in a car - and Louis (and Zayn in my opinion) said some pretty terrible things. I don’t have a link, since i just saw the video on my dash a couple of hours ago but this is what I think: 

It’s not about the fact that they were smoking. We all knew that they did it and it’s not that big of a deal. It’s about what was said in the video and where they were going while in the car. They were on their way to their concert. There were 45,000 people at that concert (Apparently there were like 50 injuries during the concert as well). That’s 45,000 people who payed money, A LOT OF MONEY, to see their idols perform (and probably for the first time) And how do their idols repay them? They get high before it. I don’t give a fuck who you are do not show up high to your job. You could be a cashier at a grocery store or you could be a celebrity - do not show up high. It’s unprofessional and it’s degrading to the fans. What Louis and Zayn are showing the fans in this video is that they don’t give a fuck. They don’t care about the fans. You can fight me on this and say that they do but them getting high before a concert just tells me that I’m right. 

Louis gets to take most of the blame for this. He recorded the whole thing - though Zayn nor the members of their team that were in the car tried to stop him - which is the first thing he did wrong. Secondly, racial slurs, Louis? Really? Don’t be so stupid and you can’t even blame that one on the weed. He consciously said that - he wasn’t that high.

A majority of the video was Louis bashing on police officers. Louis Tomlinson let me tell you something, you are a 5’9 rich white boy who is obviously very unaware about the danger that is present in a majority South American countries (I’m not 100% sure on exactly what is happening there because I only see what the American news shows me, but I do have some knowledge). If those police weren’t there to protect your scrawny ass someone could get a lot of money for you and don’t think they wouldn’t try. So next time you decide to bash the people who are protecting your arrogant ass think about the fact that you could be kidnapped or dead if it wasn’t for them.  

Zayn also talks about Kid Rock’s book (I’m assuming it’s sort of like the books 1D releases where it has pictures and stuff) and Zayn talks about how it’s just pictures and nothing like “My favorite color is blue”, and stuff like that. He also says that there is a cool picture of Kid Rock holding his middle finger up. Let me tell you something, Zayn, if you were to be published in a book under the name of One Direction posing with your middle finger up you would not even be able to afford that weed you’re smoking because no one would buy your shit. That whole thing is a part of Kid Rock’s image. If you wanted an image like that then you should not have ever been apart of One Direction. Your music and your image is directed towards teenage girls because that’s the type of music that you sing. When you start singing the type of music that Kid Rock does then you can have that image. But until then get over yourself. 

Okay, I also want to talk about how selfish this video is. Niall just organized a charity game and raised £300,000 for autism. But are we going to hear about that? Not a chance in hell. Also, this isn’t just going to effect Louis and Zayn’s image. It’s going to effect the entire band’s image because it’s not going to say Louis Tomlinson uses racial slur in leaked video, because no one cares who Louis Tomlinson is. It’s going to say One Direction member uses racial slur in leaked video and no one is going to read it to find out which member it is. The whole band is going to be judged for this not just the two of them .

I know that they’re young guys and they want to do things that regular guys their age do, but the fact is they can’t. They wanted this life and this what they get. They need to realize that nothing is hidden anymore. If you don’t want the world to know that you use racial slurs, bash cops, make fun of your fans, and get high before your concerts then don’t fucking record it. 

if you want to discuss this with me than feel free to send me a message. 

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